I killed it like Ryan Hall

Everyone following this blog knows I have a fascination with my left foot (hey, there might be a movie in that, say, starring Daniel Day-Lewis).

Oh, the foot thing is nothing weird, unsavory or unhealthy.  This isn’t that kind of blog! What do you take me for?

It’s – cue the Greek chorus: here he goes again! – the plantar.

Yes, I know you know I’m injured. And I’ve been trying really hard not to whine about it. Really. Honest. Even though marathoner and shoe store owner Alex Coffin tagged my last post on Facebook as “Moaning with Charles Mandel.”

That’s okay. Go ahead. Laugh. I can accept that. I’m big. I can shoulder the weight.

That’s because today I killed it like Ryan Hall.

I did.

Sub-three readers also know that both Ryan (I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind that we’re on a first-name basis) and I both have plantar, a similarity I pointed out in an earlier post. It’s like we’re practically twins! (Well, okay, he’s in his 20s and I’m mid-50s and he has blonde hair and I have none and well….we have a lot in common; just stop doubting. Geez, negative people piss me off.)

Anyway, forget Ryan for a minute. I’m sorry I brought him up. Because this is about my run, the fact that I could run, even in spite of (where DID that Greek chorus come from, anyway?) my plantar.

Despite it being a reasonable spring day outside – a slight wind, a little chilly – I opted for the treadmill, so that if I felt the first indication of pain I could step off immediately. Lacing up my shoes beforehand, I had sense of foreboding: what if one mile on my foot hurt? Or, worse, what if after nine days off, I ran less than three miles and limped away injured again.

That didn’t happen.

I ran.

I ran the full three miles, stepping off the treadmill after nine days of not running, having knocked it off in 24 minutes, a little faster than I would have liked, actually. Yes, my foot (Okay, ENOUGH with the Greek chorus) hurt after the work-out, but it wasn’t bad and it’s already subsiding.

And I killed it like Ryan Hall.


Hall tweeted earlier today: “Drug testers at 6 am. Luckily my coach and I had a meeting from 3-5 am. Not a lot of sleep going on. Vroom! Vroom!!!”

I’m thinking Hall had an easy, very easy, run today. He’s tired. His plantar is bothering him. He probably jogged…at my pace.

I killed it like Ryan. Or not. It doesn’t really matter. Because we all compare ourselves to others, but at the end of the day your run is yours. And while we’d all like to go faster, stronger and longer, I’m here to tell you after nine days off, it’s just a pleasure to be able to run. Period.


About subthree

A multiple award-winning journalist, I'm currently a contributing editor with both Canadian Running and Canadian Cycling magazines. My articles have appeared in Explore, Canadian Geographic, enRoute, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, and many other magazines and newspapers. Formerly a competitive cross-country mountain biker, I switched to running in 2006. I've run seven marathons, qualifying for Boston five times (and which I've run once). Generally, I've placed or won in my age group in races, in distances ranging from five and 10 kms to half and full marathons. I've also taught spin classes at a number of leading Eastern Canadian gyms. Sub-three was a 2012 #Runchat finalist for Best Overall Blog.
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