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The Sunday Read: Jesper Olsen’s strange quest and other stories

There are ultrarunners and then there are ultra-ultrarunners. Jesper Olsen is one of the latter. The 40-year-old Dane is attempting the world’s longest run. He began his World Run II in Norway in 2008 and hopes to finish in Newfoundland … Continue reading

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Run naked

I’ve been thinking a lot about barefoot running recently – which isn’t the real topic of this post, incidentally. I’m not going to run barefoot any time soon. Even as a kid, I was a tenderfoot. The tiniest pebble made … Continue reading

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Running: Here we are now. Entertain us

It’s not enough to run a hard, clean race anymore. The burning in the lungs, in the legs, no longer cuts it. It’s not enough to cross the line, knowing you left everything behind on the course. I’m not just … Continue reading

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The Tuesday Kick: Living the running dream

The shoe Brooks PureCadence The official description Less construction, a responsive fit, more support and all of it wrapped in a package designed to help prevent overpronation. According to Brooks, the “PureCadence gives runners who need more stability the chance … Continue reading

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Run happy: In which I absorb a lesson from Matt Fitzgerald

The blog’s been pretty serious lately, full of lots of weighty subjects: news and more news. But I know what’s really been on everyone’s minds. You’ve all been wondering, just how the heck is that blogging guy’s plantar anyway? I … Continue reading

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The Sunday Read: Global running: Boston, Kenya, Ethiopia

It’s pouring out there. You’re not really going to run in that, are you? Of course you are! You’re a runner. But once you’re done, this week’s Sunday Read is home waiting for you with stories of running from around … Continue reading

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The True story: autopsy may be some time yet

It’s been less than a month since revered ultrarunner Micah True, 58. turned up dead in New Mexico’s Gila Forest. The death of Caballo Blanco – True’s nickname – caused an outpouring of grief in the running community, prompting tributes … Continue reading

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