The Sunday Read: McDougall on True, Karnazes, Switzer, and more

Surprise! The Sunday Read is not a special all-about-Boston edition. I figured everyone else is all over that. Instead, I chose to stick with my weekly round-up of the best news stories and links I can unearth over the course of the week. That said, I wish everyone running there tomorrow a great race and hope they don’t suffer too much in the heat.

It was perhaps the definitive running article this week: Christopher McDougall published a long piece in Outside online on his and others’ search for ultrarunner Micah True when he went missing in late March. Aside from being a riveting account of the urgency True’s friends felt as they desperately scoured the Gila National Forest looking for the runner, the piece also contained the first speculation as to the cause of True’s death. McDougall postulates that True fell victim to a tropical parasite that weakens the heart. Autopsy results have yet to be released. The story is here: As well, here is the link to the newly established Caballo Blanco memorial:

While I know I said this wouldn’t be a Boston edition of The Sunday Read, this story is far too good, far too well-written, to be overlooked. ESPN W. ran a profile of ground-breaking woman marathoner Katherine Switzer 45 years after Boston Marathon officials tried to shove her off the course for being a woman.  “Kathrine’s tenacity proved that women would not lose their insides from running a marathon, but I equally admire how she continues to stay involved in the sport,” said Deena Kastor,” in one of the story’s more memorable quotes. Read it here:

Ultra-icon Dean Karnazes got the full work-up in Time Magazine. It’s like they just discovered him or something! No matter, the interview is entertaining and includes this quote about how Karnazes has managed to avoid injury over his many miles: “I don’t know. I’m 100% Greek, and I have really good biomechanics.” The read is here:

While this story is sensationalized in its headline, asking why so many high performance athletes are having heart attacks (a subject I wrote on -specifically dealing with marathoners – in Canadian Running two years ago), this piece from The Globe and Mail contains a lot of useful information about what warning signs to watch for, along with some solid no-nonsense explanatory journalism. Jump to it here:

Ever wondered what the criteria is when a running magazine like, say, Running Times tests shoes? As it turns out, the protocol is pretty strict. In a brief behind-the-scenes story, the magazine outlines how it uses a a biomechanist and a shoe lab with 3-D imaging technology to help them assess footwear. Check it out here:

Lies, damned lies and statistics is an old saw from journalism, meaning the statistics can be manipulated any which way. That said, here are a couple of fascinating blog posts on current running stats. Blogger and marathoner (86 to date) Jim Lynch, who is preparing a memoir on running for publication, parses some of the statistics over here:  And over at Katierunsthis, we find a number of very entertaining charts and graphs breaking the stats down by gender:

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  1. teresah says:

    I don’t do the wrunning but I do love the writing. Liebster well deserved!

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