The Sunday Read: Tabloid special: Usain Bolt scandal! Elvis! And more!

We get trashy over at The Sunday Read this week. Actually, truth be told, we only report the news, we don’t write it.  So Britain’s Daily Mail gets full credit for their fish wrap tabloid report on Usain Bolt. Really, it’s a bit unbelievable.

World record-holder sprinter and Olympic champion Usain Bolt is an item with a Canadian fashion designer – and apparently it’s sparked a scandal.  According to the English paper the Daily Mail, Jamaicans are in an uproar, accusing Bolt of having succumbed to having a “white woman complex.” At issue is the fact that Bolt is, to the alleged disappointment of his fellow Jamaicans, dating a “snowbunny.” Critics of the relationship have called Bolt “the next Tiger Woods,” and one – according to the Mail – wrote online: “These superstars will always disappoint if we depend on them to raise our racial identity.” For the full story, go here:

We’ve all seen them: runners at marathons dressed as show business figures, super heroes and so on. In fact, at the Boston Marathon in 2009, just after Heartbreak Hill crushed my quads, to the delight of wildly cheering crowds, Captain America – complete with his shield – ran past. Well, meet a man who doesn’t just dress up to run, but actually holds a world record for doing so. Ultramarathoner Ian Sharman from Bend, Oregon, can boast of having the Guinness World Record for having run the fastest marathon – wait for it – dressed as Elvis. Sharman completed the Napa Valley Marathon in March 2012 in a time of 2:40:53. He was seventh overall, but Sharman sure showed them who’s the King. He’s also run dressed as Santa and as a gladiator. Meet Sharman here:

It may seem obvious: the more you weigh, the slower you’re likely to run. But what’s your ideal race weight? Outside Magazine offers the also fairly obvious answer, that discovering that ideal is a relatively unscientific process; however, they offer good advice as to how to go about finding out.  The article’s author advises weighing yourself every four days to track weight loss while logging how you feel at each weight. The piece also offers a few interesting links. The piece is also careful to point out that losing too much weight “can have detrimental effects on both your performance and your health.” Find out more here:

Nike made shoes with an impression of company founder Bill Bowerman inside of them.  Well, not to be outdone, Brooks manufactured a limited release of their Adrenalines with an image of billionaire Warren Buffet inside. You had to be a shareholder of Buffet’s company to get one of the 4,000 pairs of shoes, which were made to celebrate the launch of Brooks as an independent company (it was acquired by Buffet’s firm, Berkshire Hathaway when they bought Brooks’ parent firm Russell Athletic in 2006). Brooks holds about three per cent of the approximately $9 billion global running footwear category, according to Time. Read more here:

By now, everyone’s heard of Claire Lomas. She’s the woman who’s paralyzed from the chest down, but who managed with the aid of a robotic walking suit to complete the London Marathon.  But how does the suit work? The BBC got the low-down from an engineer who works for the firm that tested and developed the suit (designed by Israeli entrepreneur Amit Goffer). The explanation is here:

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4 Responses to The Sunday Read: Tabloid special: Usain Bolt scandal! Elvis! And more!

  1. SeeAlliRun says:

    Since when is an interracial relationship a “scandal”? That’s just silly!

  2. teresah says:

    Love the Sunday thing. Taking baby steps. Bought a pair of Brooks.

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