Micah True: The complete portrait

The New York Times weighed in today with the biggest piece yet on Micah True. The large article titled Caballo Blanco’s Last Run: The Micah True Story not only offers a comprehensive take-out on the man and an in-depth profile, but also shows the more prickly side of the ultrarunner.

For instance, the piece reveals True was upset that Christopher McDougall’s book, Born To Run, was being made into a film with McDougall – not True – as the central figure.

Writes author Barry Bearak:  “True thought things had also taken an amusing karmic twist. McDougall, not him, was going to be the movie’s main character, and after reading a draft of the script, the book’s author, in an e-mail to True, called it “ridiculous” and said his “high expectations for the movie had plummeted.”

True took satisfaction in that. Now McDougall would find out how it felt to be defined by someone else. In an e-mail sent to Sarsgaard on March 26, he wrote, “As we know, I would have much liked to at least proofread, fact-check, and/or co-write what” McDougall said about him in the book. ‘Soooooo……. It is hard to feel toooo sorry for him.'”

The article also portrays True as someone who had no interest in and little patience for anything that would commercialize the sport he loved or anyone who might profit from it.

In the piece, the author alleges that True was suspicious of the motives of another well-known figure in the barefoot running movement, who had started a minimalist sandal company. Said True, according to the article:  “Running is not supposed to be about getting people to buy stuff,” True wrote in an e-mail to friends. “Running should be free, man, and the Rarámuri are being used to sell lots of stuff. What do they get out of it?”

And in turn, Bearak alleges, “Barefoot Ted often found True irritating. “I give back every year to the Copper Canyon, but Caballo equated any business with evil,” he said. ‘He did great things down there, but you ended up loving him and not quite liking him. I told McDougall, you’ve bought into being a new Frankenstein.'”

Ultimately, though, the article is a loving tribute to an “authentic” man who did much to move minimalist running into the mainstream.

Read the piece here: http://nyti.ms/LtIrUx

Or, if you prefer. You can also listen to the article. The NYT has created a 45-minute MP3 audio file narrated by actor Jay O. Sanders. Hear it here: http://nyti.ms/MAPTg2


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3 Responses to Micah True: The complete portrait

  1. Sandra says:

    Can’t see the article link as I don’t have a membership.

    • subthree says:

      Sandra, it shouldn’t be hidden behind a paywall, unless you’ve gone over a prescribed number of views of the New York Times in a set period, as that’s how they’ve now set up their current model.

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