Gear review: Go Sport ID prototype singlet

Honestly, when I received the Go Sport ID prototype singlet, I fully expected it to have some sort of identification band or some such embedded in it. After all, the Houston, TX company is well respected for their clever ID bracelets, some of which may be personalized.

But no, the singlet is a singlet – and that left me puzzled at first. Why would a firm that’s successfully captured a niche want to diversify into a market dominated by giants like Nike, Adidas and others?

My guess is, it’s about branding – and that’s not a bad strategy at all.

A few weeks ago, Go Sport ID announced they had a couple of prototype singlets available – one small, one large. I spoke up for the small and was fortunate to get it.  Prototype is exactly what it means: these singlets are not yet in production, but only being tested for the time being – and the one I’m reviewing may undergo further refinement before it’s introduced to the consumer market.

With that in mind, here are my impressions.

I don’t think you’re going to find a better looking singlet than this one. Orange frames a white chest area which is emblazoned with Go Sport ID’s logo: “Go” in orange lettering with a silver runner bursting between the two letters, and beneath “Sport ID” in white on a grey background, meant to look like one of the firm’s ID bracelets.

The white chest panel fades into orange, while the side panels are a metallic grey. The singlet’s back follows the same color scheme, but with the company’s slogan added: “push the finish line,” along with the firm’s website address.

I must admit, the phrase “push the finish line” bothered me. I kept thinking, don’t they mean: push to the finish line.

However, on its website, Go Sport ID offers that their slogan is about “taking your personal limitations and throwing them out the window…It is taking that drive, that desire, that passion and keeping it right in front of you so you are prepared mentally for success. Pushing the Finish Line is surpassing goals.”

I liked that.

Essentially, you’ll resemble a Gu Manderin Orange energy gel in one of these singlets. Seriously, the design is pretty close.

You might think that sounds geeky, but actually I loved the connotation of energy. I want my clothing to energize me and charge me up.

Go Sport sent me a small size. I would opine that the sizing is accurate. On me, the singlet hangs a bit.  First of all, I’m realistically an extra-small, although clothing sizes can vary wildly; I’ve found “small” shirts that I swim in and others that are tight around the neck.

The Go Sport singlet isn’t so large that it would put me off.  It doesn’t hang below my waist so that it becomes an issue running and it fits neatly around my neck and arms. If anything, the latter have a tad more room than necessary.

Go Sport’s singlet employs CoolMax fabric, which is designed to wick sweat away from your body. It worked.

That said, the fabric is heavier than I would expect for a singlet. I could feel the cloth hanging off of me during runs. It wasn’t a persistent feeling and, overall, it faded to the background.  But there’s no question that the singlet has some weight to it – not enough to deter me from wearing it, however.

I ran with the singlet in hot, humid weather and on a rainy day. During the former, it performed well, wicking away moisture and keeping my upper body cool. On the rainy day,  my biggest complaint was the moment I stopped, the clothing was clammy and I couldn’t get it off fast enough – but during my run, again, I had no issues at all with the clothing.

The seams don’t chafe, nor does the cloth.  And the singlet went through the wash without any problems.

I’m very picky about my clothing, even sensitive, and so can be a tough critic.

Bottom line?

I love the design and colour of the Go Sport ID singlet. They make me want to wear it. The fabric’s weight and the fact that the moment you stop you feel the wicked sweat cool against your skin suggests to me this is a great training item, but not one I would race in.

While it’s certainly a viable piece of clothing for hot summer days, I could also see using the Go Sport ID singlet in fall as an extra layer of clothing.

Don’t mistake any of this criticism as harsh: while I’d like to see a lighter-weight fabric employed, overall, I can see wearing this item a lot and using it as I push the finish line.

Women’s singlet

Go Sport ID prototype singlet

Detail of the singlet front

Singlet front detail

Singlet rear view

Singlet rear detail


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6 Responses to Gear review: Go Sport ID prototype singlet

  1. Dawn Ladds-Bond says:

    Sounds like a nice top. Got a pic?

    • subthree says:

      It is a nice piece of gear. I hope to have a pic up in the next day or two. I’d just come back from a run when I wrote the piece, so the singlet wasn’t at its most photogenic. lol

    • irinasouiki says:

      I second that. A picture is in order.

      • subthree says:

        Yup, One will be posted. As I mentioned, I need to wash the top before I photograph it. Because it’s a prototype, Go Sport ID doesn’t actually product shots of the one I tried at this time. But I’ll be sure and let everyone know as soon as the pics are posted.

  2. SeeAlliRun says:

    I like the orange, but I don’t like the grey side panels. And you’re right it does look like an orange GU.

    • subthree says:

      I don’t mind the side panels. I wish I could have taken some better photos, but at least these give people an idea of what it looks like.

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