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Annals of the self-evident: self optimization

Without a doubt, science is often a slow, incremental process. Not every discovery is heralded with a big bang, a sudden flicker of the light bulb. Rather, our collective knowledge is steadily accumulated, one hypothesis after another weighed, tested and … Continue reading

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The Sunday Read: Marathon restrictions and misplaced trails

Should there be an age restriction on marathons? At least one Canadian race believes so, changing its rules this week to prevent young runners from participating in fulls. A reader on the CBC News website wondered that if it’s all … Continue reading

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Read It. Run it: Sonofa Gunofa Trail Race

The Race: Sonofa Gunofa Trail Race Location: Wentworth, Nova Scotia When: mid-August Distance: 25 km and 12.5 km Why do it: Because you’re seeking a challenge or because your brains have been knocked out and you lack common sense Swag: Tech T-shirts to early registrants; … Continue reading

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The Sunday Read: Dylan Wyke’s tweets, drinking, and dying. Plus: party rocking

Did Canadian marathoner Dylan Wykes lose Olympic gold because he tweeted too much? That’s what Running World columnist Mark Remy suggests. Remy worked up a graph correlating the number of tweets to the success of Olympic marathoners and suggests – … Continue reading

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Gonzo review: Handana wipes out sweat

Ba da da bum bum, ba da da bum…m-m-m-my Handana! Okay, you probably have to be of a certain vintage to recall The Knack’s My Sharona, a big hit in, uh, 1979. Whatever. Anyway, the brand name Handana reminds me … Continue reading

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In which certain runners get lost

Like many runs, it began innocently enough – and ended with bears ravishing members of our party. I’d heard of the Bluff Trail, but had never been there, so when I received an invitation to run a portion of the … Continue reading

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Training like Hunter S. Thompson

I’m training, but not with any specific goal – and that’s probably an ass-backward way to go about it.  People keep asking if I’m training for a full, and I keep saying I’m not committed yet. And that’s the truth: … Continue reading

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