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The Sunday Read: …is back! Ultra trends, Paul Ryan and more.

Every time a heart problem fells a runner during a race, the debate over whether marathoning is dangerous to heart health or not bursts anew. Refreshingly, one group isn’t arguing the point, but rather trying to do something about it. … Continue reading

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On Motivation

What makes us run? What drives us out the door – for some times it really is a drive. It’s easy to run when you feel like it or when the sun shines under clear blue skies. But how about … Continue reading

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Get Goofy

Get Goofy isn’t a follow-up to Elmore Leonard’s book and subsequent film with John Travolta, Get Shorty. No, it’s not that sinister. Rather, it’s a virtual run for those who might find Walt Disney World’s Goofy and a Half Challenge … Continue reading

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Read it, run it: Maritime Race Weekend

The race: Maritime Race Weekend The location: Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia When: Mid-September Distance: 5 km, 10, km, 21 km, and 42.2 km Why do it: Because you want a challenge, you love swag, and deep down you’ve always wanted to be a pirate. … Continue reading

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In which I taper for a race

It’s been some time since I wrote a personal post, but that’s because I’ve been so very busy training for my goal races. It takes a long time to run five miles. But I did it…in chunks. And now that … Continue reading

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The Sunday Read: talk like an ultra runner

In this week’s Sunday Read, Ryan Hall runs an ultra, Paul Ryan recants his marathon, National Geographic talks to an ultrarunner, and Outside tells us how to talk like an ultrarunner. Confused yet? I sure as heck am, but that’s … Continue reading

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The Sunday Read: Special Paul Ryan edition

Like Meb, Geb and Mo, suddenly to runners Paul Ryan is a recognizable name in the sport. And, damn – if Ryan is to be believed – he may not have run a 2:03 or a 2:06, but back in the … Continue reading

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