Get Goofy

Get Goofy isn’t a follow-up to Elmore Leonard’s book and subsequent film with John Travolta, Get Shorty.

No, it’s not that sinister. Rather, it’s a virtual run for those who might find Walt Disney World’s Goofy and a Half Challenge beyond either their capabilities or pocketbook.

I can run faster than John Travolta.

Cori Nicholls is an Alberta runner who is preparing to run the Goofy and a Half Challenge in January 2013.  Like many, Nicholls is offsetting the expense of the trip and the race while fund-raising for a charity, in this instance for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.

As part of the society’s Team in Training, Nicholls is required to raise a minimum of $4,500 for the charity. She’s done all the usual stuff: bottle drives and the like. But then Nicholls hit on what may be a winner. She’s set up a virtual Goofy challenge and is promising everyone who completes it a real medal.

Here’s how it works: On any weekend in January 2013, you run 10 km on the Saturday and then on the Sunday you do another 21 km.  Then you send Nicholls proof, which might be a screenshot of your Garmin or Nike watch, or treadmill mileage on the console – anything to prove that you actually went the distance.

Here’s the best part: run the miles, put in the time and Nicholls will send you a real medal. Jokingly she says: “Of course, you will get a medal – I’m a medal whore and am trying to encourage that lifestyle to everyone! ”

Nicholls is designing a handmade medallion for the challenge and promises to post a photo on her blog as soon as it’s ready.

Nicholls says the race is open to anyone, anywhere. “As long as you are willing to register, train and participate – you’re in! And $10 for a race that has no cut-off time and gives you a medal?  I challenge you to find another one like it!”

Not only is Nicholls offering a medal, but she plans to provide a training plan to all registrants, plus 2 bibs for the two races and a badge for blogs. The training plan assumes participants are able to run five kilometres currently, and will be 16 weeks in length. She’ll even provide the plan in both miles and kilometres so that the math is already done.

The enterprising Albertan has set up a Paypal account on her blog in order to take payment. If you’re planning to run Nicholls’ virtual Goofy, you need to be pre-registered by midnight, December 15, 2012.

For full information, Nicholls’ blog is here:

Sounds like a goofy idea? Not so much.


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8 Responses to Get Goofy

  1. Donna Gaskin says:

    Brilliant Fund Raising Idea…. SMART SMART SMART 🙂

  2. irinasouiki says:

    That is SUCH a great idea!! I am in, just sent her the entry fee 😉 Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I will also feature her via my charity Picture the Cure.

  3. irinasouiki says:

    I m planning on recruiting quite a few fellow runners as well. 😉 Stay tuned and good luck with everything, Cori!

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