The Sunday Read: best running shoes ever, naked runners, and dead butt syndrome

Do you have dead butt syndrome? Hey, I don’t know. First of I heard of this terrible problem was from a HuffPo story below. Maybe if you ran in the Best Running Shoes Ever, you’d be able to feel your butt. But that’s mere conjecture on my part. Both are part of this week’s Sunday Read. (My apologies for the extra-long links, but, the extraordinary crappy link-shortening application is not working yet again.)

The best running shoes ever


This might be the ultimate eye candy story, completely irresistible: Sneaker Report posted The 100 Best Running Sneakers of All Time. No, I’m not going to tell you what the all-time best runner is, according to them. That would be a spoiler. But this is such a terrific piece. Each shoe comes with a picture and description. It’s impossible not to scroll through, looking to see which ones you owned and which you might like to add to your collection. Some of what’s on the list? The highly popular Brooks PureCadence only rates as number 66; the Nike Boston is 31; and way down in the number four spot is Asics’ Gel-Keyano 19.  Read the story here:


More marathon for your money

Think of it as extra value for the money: runners at the Macau Marathon found themselves running an extra three kilometres after race marshals misdirected the leaders. Graciously, marathon organizers blamed the runners, whom they said should know the course. And, according to Runner’s World, it was raining heavily as well. Routing problems at major races are more common than you’d think. Previously, the Ottawa Marathon and the Bluenose in Halifax have both experienced problems with keeping runners on course, while Moncton’s Legs for Literacy Marathon managed to add an extra kilometre onto its course in 2010 – despite the fact that organizers insist the course was Boston-certified. In that instance, runners’ Garmins were blamed for the miscalculation, although, mysteriously, every runner showed the same amount of extra distance. The Macau Marathon mishap is here:

Nude running buff runs in the…well, buff

What the heck is the world coming to when a man can’t run naked anymore? Oh wait, we’re not just talking about sans Garmin, iPod and other technology: this was literally naked, as in, “Oh my gosh, Gertrude, don’t look! That’s man’s parts are flapping in the wind!” Of course, some of you sick Sub-three readers might enjoy that sort of thing – perverts! Uh, not that I’m judging you or anything. At any rate, nude New Zealand runner Andrew Pointon won an appeal allowing him to run in the buff after the High Court judge ruled Pointon’s body is worthy of admiration wide and far not overly offensive in and of itself. The story (with pictures!) is here:

Are you suffering from runner’s face or dead butt syndrome?

Finally, forget about having a heart attack from marathoning or any such thing. Here is a whole new set of problems for you to worry about: Nine weird things running does to your body. Ewwww. Like, OMG, you may get “runner’s face,” or a “Skeletor” visage from burning too much fat off your skin. Or “dead butt syndrome” might kick you in the…well, ass. But you won’t even feel it! Wow. How terrible is that? Other terrible things that happen to runners: black toenails, runny noises and overactive bladders! Runners, you’re gross. Give it up and stay home and primp in your mirrors instead. This HuffPo lifestyle writer will live much easier if you do:


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