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Get down with your bad self, so to speak

How’s the hip thing, Sub-three? I know you’ve all been wanting to ask me about my lingering injury. Er… that’s hip as in above the thigh, not as in “Get down, Daddy-O! Groove, baby!” That kind of hip, right? Although I … Continue reading

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A guide to Atlantic Canada’s six races….

Oh, look: It’s The Real Amazing Race Toronto Canada. Ben Kaplan, who writes about running for the National Post, has put together a guide to 56 of “our favourite events next year.” I’m not quite sure whom he’s including when he … Continue reading

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Wither, Sub-three?

So whatever happened to that Sub-three guy? Not so long ago he used to post all manner of informative posts (at least to himself), and entertain hundreds mom, and generally show off his wit, wisdom, writing, grasp of nude running. But these days, he’s … Continue reading

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What my butt can tell you about saving your ass

Well, wouldn’t you just know that one of the blog posts I wrote earlier this year would come back to…uh, bite me in the ass. Late last year in The Sunday Read, I hopelessly ridiculed wrote about a HuffPo article that identified … Continue reading

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Plantar, Where to Run in Moncton, and trail runners: my most recent articles in the latest issue of Canadian Running

Most of you know me as the ubiquitous blogger or that “damn guy is clogging up my news feed with his egotistic crap again.” But wait: I write other egotistic stuff elsewhere! Aren’t you lucky. Since the first issue of … Continue reading

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