Happy Birthday, Sub-three

That’s right, my baby, Sub-three, is one year old today – and talking already! In fact, it never shut up.

Some time this evening, the number of views in one year for this blog will pass 34,000. Not too shabby for its first year. Even more astonishing to me was its nomination as one of the best overall blogs of the year among the #Runchat community on Twitter.

You like me! You really like me!

Well, okay, you sort of tolerate me.

Alright, you pick on me a lot and make fun of me.

I started Sub-three as nothing more than a journal to document my attempt to run a marathon under three hours – except the day of my very first post, plantar stopped me in my tracks – for the better part of nine weeks.

But I’d committed in my own mind to writing the blog, so things just got out of hand and the next thing I knew I was doing weekly round-ups of running news, talking to runners about their shoes, writing about different race courses, riffing on my injury and anything else that came to mind and doing gear reviews.

Things got strange. Weird stories from the world of running continuously made their appearance here, such as the death of the well-known American ultra marathoner Micah True. I wrote about that so much that the online Q & A community Quora actually linked back to Sub-three as an authority.

My most popular blog opined that everyone should free themselves of gadgets and run naked. But why stop there? I espoused the idea that we should all tear our clothes off and let our jiggly bits wave in the wind.

And once I could run, I began to write about my training: how fiendishly hard it is, and how demoralizing it is to lean forward and push push push and give everything I have…and have a bunch of people breeze by me, gaily chatting away.

I wanted people to feel my pain, to experience the suffering I’ve undergone in pursuit of my goal, which, ironically, is as far away now as it was a year ago.

Sub-three took on its own life. It’s taken me places I’ve never expected.  The last couple of months it’s been a little more difficult to stick to schedules for things like The Sunday Read and The Tuesday Kick, but I promise you that they’re not gone. It’s just as my own living circumstances have changed, the time I have to blog has had to flex a bit too.

Sub-three is an obsession though. I’m the last person who knows on any given day where a post is going to take me. Sitting at my laptop is a little like lacing up my shoes that way: I go out the door and I don’t know what the run is going to present, but it’s always something, a lesson, a marvel, a moment.

The other great thing about Sub-three is the number of people I’ve met through this blog. I’m grateful to all of you for reading, for commenting, for challenging my ideas, and running alongside of me. If you didn’t read, the blog would not exist.

I’m also grateful to a number of communities that put up with my posting of Sub-three: Run it. Post it.; Lakeshore Runners; Bedford RR Gang; Halifax Running Club; Halifax Trail Runners; Idiots Running Club; Capital City Roadrunners; Heart & Sole; Twitter and more. I know I’ve probably missed a few. I appreciate that you let me ramble on in your forums.

I also want to thank Mizuno, Brooks, New Balance, Velo Press, Go Sport ID, Handana, and Goat Head Sole Spikes for their support.

Well, ~sob~ this is getting so ~sniffle~ damn serious. You’d think I was taking home an Oscar or something.

Okay. Enough. I’ll go be maudlin at the neighborhood bar. They’re used to me there, going in, ordering a beer, breaking down and sobbing at the table: “I coulda been a contender!”

Oh wait, that’s a different movie.

Really, though, I just wanted to thank everyone and prepare you all for the announcement of the Sub-three Foundation to Achieve a Higher Standard of Living Through the Kindness of Others. I know you’ll give generously.


About subthree

A multiple award-winning journalist, I'm currently a contributing editor with both Canadian Running and Canadian Cycling magazines. My articles have appeared in Explore, Canadian Geographic, enRoute, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, and many other magazines and newspapers. Formerly a competitive cross-country mountain biker, I switched to running in 2006. I've run seven marathons, qualifying for Boston five times (and which I've run once). Generally, I've placed or won in my age group in races, in distances ranging from five and 10 kms to half and full marathons. I've also taught spin classes at a number of leading Eastern Canadian gyms. Sub-three was a 2012 #Runchat finalist for Best Overall Blog.
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6 Responses to Happy Birthday, Sub-three

  1. Irina says:

    Happy Blogiversary, sub-three!! Happy to have found you. Always bringing a smile on my face.

    • subthree says:

      Thank you, Irina. You were definitely one of the people I was thinking about both as a reader I met through the blog and one who wasn’t afraid to challenge me either. All best.

  2. Trevor says:

    Looking forward to the terrible 2’s. I always enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Pam says:

    happy birthday,Sub 3! Your blog always makes me smile.

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