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Stay tuned….

Do you like these shoes? Well stay tuned, because Sub-three is going to be giving away a pair of them in the weeks ahead. They’re the Altra Instincts 1.5 and the company generously offered Sub-three a pair to give out. … Continue reading

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Marathon monster: Adidas Boost

The shoe: Adidas Boost The official description: “You put a lot of energy into your run and…the Energy Boost gives some of it back.” Thousands of “energy capsules are melted together into one midsole that will change your run forever,” … Continue reading

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The Tuesday Kick: Brooks PureFlow 2. Run. Happy?

The Shoe: Brooks PureFlow 2 The Official Description: Brooks calls the PureFlow 2 “lush” and “cushy.” It’s easy to picture yourself running with clouds on your feet. “Like peanut butter and jelly or water and energy gels, the lightweight construction … Continue reading

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Review: Shoes of fire

A couple of months ago I received a pair of shoes that easily could have been mistaken for ballet slippers – except for the black on red stylized flame design adorning them. The shoes in question, Mizuno’s Universe Wave 4, … Continue reading

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The Sunday Read: That horse runs like an animal!

Forget Belmont. The real action took place this weekend in Wales with the annual running of the Man Versus Horse Marathon. It’s just one of the highlights of this week’s Sunday Read. Four legs good, two legs bad. At least … Continue reading

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Micah True: The complete portrait

The New York Times weighed in today with the biggest piece yet on Micah True. The large article titled Caballo Blanco’s Last Run: The Micah True Story not only offers a comprehensive take-out on the man and an in-depth profile, … Continue reading

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The Sunday Read: Feet don’t fail me now

Barefoot, minimalist or shoes? Which is best? It seems like the overriding question many runners have on their minds at the moment. Certainly, it’s a thread in this week’s Sunday Read. Plus, an unusual, inspirational Norwegian! Nice bare feet you … Continue reading

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