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On injuries

If runners love to discuss any one topic more than running, it’s injuries. At the first sign of a twinge or niggle, we suddenly become – thanks to the Internet – experts on any and every injury going, its diagnosis … Continue reading

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What my butt can tell you about saving your ass

Well, wouldn’t you just know that one of the blog posts I wrote earlier this year would come back to…uh, bite me in the ass. Late last year in The Sunday Read, I hopelessly ridiculed wrote about a HuffPo article that identified … Continue reading

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Plantar, Where to Run in Moncton, and trail runners: my most recent articles in the latest issue of Canadian Running

Most of you know me as the ubiquitous blogger or that “damn guy is clogging up my news feed with his egotistic crap again.” But wait: I write other egotistic stuff elsewhere! Aren’t you lucky. Since the first issue of … Continue reading

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Run happy: In which I absorb a lesson from Matt Fitzgerald

The blog’s been pretty serious lately, full of lots of weighty subjects: news and more news. But I know what’s really been on everyone’s minds. You’ve all been wondering, just how the heck is that blogging guy’s plantar anyway? I … Continue reading

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I killed it like Ryan Hall

Everyone following this blog knows I have a fascination with my left foot (hey, there might be a movie in that, say, starring Daniel Day-Lewis). Oh, the foot thing is nothing weird, unsavory or unhealthy.  This isn’t that kind of … Continue reading

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The whining runner

I’ve been thinking of rebranding myself from Sub-three to  -wait for it – the whining runner. We all know one. Besides it could be kind of fun. I could lag just behind you on runs and moan things like, “Are … Continue reading

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Failure is not a word in your vocabulary

The two sets of letters runners dread the most must be DNS and DNF. I’ve done both and I’m about to do one again. I qualified for Boston last year at a poorly run marathon in Eastern Canada. It was … Continue reading

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