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Cheap and slinky: Hey, look! I’m working out!

It’s just so tawdry: all those cheap-looking women in their slinky tops and their short, shorts. And the men too! It shouldn’t be allowed. After all, who wants to see a bunch of disgusting tramps and vulgar guys sweating? But … Continue reading

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Read it. Run it. The Moose Run

The race: The Moose Run The location: Cow Bay, Nova Scotia When: Late March Distance: 25 km Why do it: Traditional spring tune-up race to gauge your fitness, particularly if you’re planning to run Boston. And because it hurts so … Continue reading

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Running, in the second person

One of the reasons why posts haven’t been so frequent on Sub-three lately is because, in addition to work and training for a half-marathon, I’ve been taking an online course on literary non-fiction technique from the University of Toronto, taught … Continue reading

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The retirement home for runners

The other night I saw Quartet. ┬áDustin Hoffman directed this pitch-perfect film about a home for retired musicians. It’s a lovely piece, full of music, comedy, a little tragedy and an intriguing narrative. The musicians, pros all, are crammed into … Continue reading

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