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The Sunday Read: Trash talking, fleeing felons and more

It began as a piece about Dusty Olson, a super-talented runner in his own right and a nationally ranked Nordic skier. And then things just sort of spiraled out of control. Outside just published a fascinating interview with Olson. Who’s … Continue reading

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Hey, this blog is all about running, not naked people

Okay. Maybe I brought it on myself. But the search terms for this blog are really…uh, interesting. Faithful readers (all one of you; thanks, hon) know that Sub-three is about running. It’s just a little strange that’s all – like … Continue reading

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The Sunday Read: Heavy drinkers and other stories

Tim Noakes believes runners drink too much – not alcohol, surprisingly, but water. Author of the classic running bible, The Lore of Running, the South African exercise scientist has a new book out entitled Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration … Continue reading

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The Sunday Read: Ultra running? Watch your dick – literally

Well, who knew where you put your penis could matter so much in running? I’ve heard lots about the importance of posture, the way in which you land on your feet, where you should position your hips – but suddenly … Continue reading

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